Our CSR program: The Human Safety Net

The Human Safety Net (THSN) is Generali’s global movement of people helping people. We believe that, whatever happens in life, no one should be held back from reaching their potential.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of people living in vulnerable circumstances, so that they can transform the lives of their families and communities.

Our programs support families with young children and integrate refugees through work. To do so, we bring together the strengths of non-profit organizations and the private sector, in Europe, Asia and South America. Launched in 2017, The Human Safety Net initiative is now active in 23 markets around the globe and six markets in Asia.

Here’s how THSN is bringing together the strengths of non-profit organisations and the private sector across Asia:

  • Indonesia

In Indonesia, Generali chose to collaborate with Hope Worldwide to provide educational and health awareness programmes to people living in low income areas. The program focuses on providing parenting and financial literacy classes to parents, as well as tutoring children and facilitating medical check-ups. It operates in the slums of Tanah Merah in Jakarta and Depok and Tangerang in Java.

Generali Indonesia employees are involved in a range of volunteering and fundraising activities including, taking part in literacy workshops for women, tutoring children and making a monthly donation through the company’s payroll system.

  • Malaysia

In Malaysia, MPI Generali collaborates with Yayasan Generasi Gemilang to support its FamTIME program. FamTime empowers and equips families with skills that will improve the parent-child relationship and the wellbeing of the family through a range of workshops and camps to ensure parents provide a nurturing environment for their children.

As part of the volunteering activities, MPI Generali employees have undertaken a needs assessment in the local community to help understand local needs. The team also volunteered to conduct activities with the children while their parents participated in group workshops.

  • Thailand

Across Thailand, on average 5% of all new-born babies suffer from asphyxia each year. In 2018, Generali Thailand partnered with Children’s Hospital Foundation to launch a social media campaign to generate public awareness of this critical condition. Employees also took part in fundraising activities to support the hospital and enable them to purchase lifesaving equipment for babies born with the condition.

The social media campaign reached over 20 million people and was awarded “Best CSR practice award 2018” at the CMO Asia Awards 2018.

  • India

With its mission of mobilising the caring power of communities to advance the common good, United Way, was the ideal partner for Future Generali India Insurance to continue its Human Safety Net (THSN) initiatives following its initial partnership with Mumbai Mobile Creche.

Future Generali’s partnership with United Way focuses on ensuring parents and students are ready to enter formal schooling at six years of age.  The program provides grade appropriate learning materials for children, health and nutrition awareness and meets with parents to provide consultation on their child’s development.

Future Generali entered the partnership in 2019 and will continue to build and grow the relationship and develop volunteering opportunities for its employees.

  • Vietnam

In Vietnam, Generali collaborates with the National Fund for Vietnamese Children (NFVC) and built a parenting program with UNICEF’s educational materials - to ensure parents have the right knowledge and resources to support the development of their children.

Generali Vietnam will take part in a range of volunteering activities, including training employees and agents on how to deliver some of the parenting training sessions. The parenting program also include supporting the creation of the curriculum and the development of 12 parenting videos as well as offering in-cash and in-kind gifts to the most disadvantaged families in the communes where the workshops take place.

  • Hong Kong

Generali Hong Kong and Generali Asia Regional Office (Generali HQ in Asia) and have partnered with OneSky for all children to launch The Human Safety Net locally.

OneSky’s ambition is to train parents and caregivers to enhance the education and the development of vulnerable young children in underprivileged communities. The educational approach used by OneSky focuses on responsive care, which is applied during play sessions, and has a considerable impact on the physical, social, emotional and language development of young children (0-6 years old).

The partnership between Generali and OneSky will provide funding for the development of the OneSky Global Centre for Early Childhood Development in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong; as well as allow OneSky to train Play Partners - who are essential to providing guidance to caregivers on responsive care for the children.


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