Asset Management

Asset Management

Hong Kong is the regional investment hub for Generali’s assets in Asia. Generali Investments Asia Limited is an investment management company based in Hong Kong which specializes in investment advisory and fund management. The Company is wholly owned by Generali Investments Holding S.p.A. based in Trieste, Italy.


The current principal businesses of Generali Investments Asia Limited are the provision of investment advisory services in relation to securities, futures contracts, and asset management services. The Company invests and trades in Asian equity, fixed income, other publicly traded securities and related derivatives.


Contact Information


Generali Investments Asia Limited

13/F, Generali Tower

8 Queen's Road East, Hong Kong


Tel.: +852 2214 8300
Fax: +852 2506 4215


Yezdi Chinoy

Chief Executive Officer

Frederic Neve

Chief Operating Officer


Guotai AMC


Guotai Asset Management Co. it is one of the few Chinese companies authorised to manage all asset classes among which the funds of the new Chinese supplementary pension system. It was the first Chinese company to be granted an asset management license in 1998. Generali invested a 30% stake in Guotai AMC in 2009.




In 2011, Generali received the QFII status, which enables the Group to invest in China’s financial markets through Guotai.