Interactive Timeline

Interactive timeline

Interactive Timeline 1831 - 1931

Palazzo-Carciotti_Austro-Italiche.2015-09-25-12-39-22.jpg1831A number of insurance companies were founded between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century in Trieste.
One of the personalities who stood out in this period was Giuseppe Lazzaro Morpurgo, a businessman who was fascinated by insurance theory and practice.
He was the first, in 1814, to give renewed impetus to the insurance business, but it is only in 1831 that he manages to gather around him a number of entrepreneurs to launch the project of an all-round insurance company based on extensive capital, multi-branch operations and widespread territorial range: the “Assicurazioni Generali Austro-Italiche”, with the first headoffice set in Palazzo Carciotti.
Ritter.2015-08-24-19-42-09.jpg1832Giovanni Cristoforo Ritter de Zahony becomes first Chairman of the Company
1835.2015-11-27-12-29-29.png1835From 1835 the post of Chairman remains vacant until 1909
1848.2015-09-25-12-39-31.jpg1848Following the insurrection that led to the establishment of the Republic of Venice, the company removes "Austro-Italiche" from its name and adopts the Lion of St. Mark as the symbol for its Italian business. 
1857.2015-09-25-12-39-37.jpg1857Generali shares are listed for the first time on the Trieste stock exchange.
1875.2015-09-25-12-39-43.jpg1875The company begins to pay dividends in gold francs (continuing until 1914).
1881.2015-09-25-12-39-48.jpg188150th anniversary Erste Allgemeine, Generali's first subsidiary, is established in Vienna.
1886.2015-09-25-12-39-54.jpg1886The company's head office moves to its present location in Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, in Trieste.
1893.2015-11-27-15-29-35.jpg1893The first issue of the group's magazine "Il Bollettino" is published.
1900.2015-09-25-12-40-06.jpg1900A major real estate investment programme is started.
1906.2015-09-25-12-40-12.jpg190675th anniversary The company's share capital is converted into crowns.
1909.2015-09-25-12-40-22.jpg1909Marco Besso is appointed chairman. The turbulent period leading up to the Great War sees the introduction of a monopoly on life insurance in Italy. While most operators leave the market, Generali continues to conduct its business within the limits allowed by law. In spite of these difficult years, the company continues to report positive results.
1918.2015-09-25-12-40-28.jpg1918Trieste is annexed to Italy. Generali becomes an Italian company, converting its share capital into Italian lira.
1920.2015-09-25-12-40-36.jpg1920Edgardo Morpurgo is appointed chairman.
1926.2015-11-27-15-29-15.jpg1926The partnership with the poster artist Marcello Dudovich begins. See the relevant gallery
1931.2015-09-25-12-40-48.jpg1931100th anniversary.


Time Range: 
1831 - 1931

Interactive Timeline 1932-1981

1933_investimenti_Immobili.2015-09-25-12-40-53.jpg1933The company starts making major investments in land and farming.
1937.2015-09-25-12-40-59.jpg1937An electro-mechanical accounting unit, equipped with state-of-the-art Hollerith calculators, is set up.
1938.2015-09-25-12-41-05.jpg1938Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata is appointed chairman.
1940.2015-09-25-12-41-10.jpg1940World War II breaks out in 1939 and Generali loses contact with its organisation in enemy countries.
1943.2015-09-25-12-41-16.jpg1943Antonio Cosulich is appointed chairman.
1945.2015-09-25-12-41-23.jpg1945Trieste falls under the control of the Allied Military Government and Generali transfers its registered office to Rome. At the end of the war, the group loses its entire central and eastern European organisation and assets.
1948.2015-09-25-12-41-30.jpg1948After the end of the war and the proclamation of the Italian Republic in 1946, Generali starts to expand outside Italy once again. Mario Abbiate is appointed chairman.
1953.2015-09-25-12-41-37.jpg1953Mario Tripcovich is appointed chairman.
1956.2015-09-25-12-41-45.jpg1956125th anniversary. Camillo Giussani is appointed chairman.
1960.2015-09-25-12-41-51.jpg1960Gino Baroncini is appointed chairman.
1966.2015-09-25-12-41-58.jpg1966Generali signs an international co-operation agreement with Aetna, the largest multiline insurer in the United States.
1968.2015-09-25-12-42-05.jpg1968Cesare Merzagora is appointed chairman.
1971.2015-09-25-12-42-11.jpg1971Major logo redesign, with the addition of the Generali logo type.
1974.2015-09-25-12-42-19.jpg1974Genagricola is established, going on to control all of the group’s farming businesses from 1980.
1979.2015-09-25-12-42-25.jpg1979Enrico Randone is appointed chairman.
1981.2015-09-25-12-42-31.jpg1981150th anniversary.


Time Range: 
1932 - 1981

Interactive Timeline 1982 - 2010

1984.2015-09-25-12-42-38.jpg1984“Generali: An Open Book” is the company's first mass-media advertising campaign.
1989.2015-09-25-12-42-44.jpg1989After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Generali initiates a joint venture in Hungary, becoming the first insurer to return to Eastern Europe. The Italian head office in Mogliano Veneto is opened.
1991.2015-09-25-12-42-51.jpg1991Eugenio Coppola di Canzano is appointed chairman.
1994.2015-09-25-12-42-59.jpg1994Genertel is established, the first Italian company to sell insurance over the phone.
1995.2015-09-25-12-43-07.jpg1995Antoine Bernheim is appointed chairman.

The website goes live.

 1997Generali acquires control of the AMB Group in Germany and the Migdal Group in Israel.
1998.2015-09-25-12-43-21.jpg1998The group enters the financial services sector through the creation of Banca Generali and the acquisition of BSI. Alfonso Desiata is appointed chairman.
2000.2015-09-25-12-43-29.jpg2000Generali takes over Italian insurer INA in a cash-and-shares deal.
2001.2015-09-25-12-43-36.jpg2001Gianfranco Gutty is appointed chairman.
2002.2015-09-25-12-43-43.jpg2002Generali China Life Ins. Co. is established in Guangzhou. Antoine Bernheim is appointed chairman.
2003.2015-09-25-12-43-50.jpg2003Generali presents its first three-year strategic plan.
2004.2015-09-25-12-43-57.jpg2004CityLife, led by Generali Properties, wins the contract to redevelop Fiera di Milano. Generali publishes its Ethical Code.
2005.2015-09-25-12-44-04.jpg2005The first Sustainability Report is published.
2006.2015-09-25-12-44-12.jpg2006Generali acquires the Toro Group in Italy. Generali enters a joint venture with Future Group in India.
2007.2015-09-25-12-44-20.jpg2007175th anniversary. Generali and the PPF Group set up a joint venture for activities in Central and Eastern Europe.
2008.2015-09-25-12-44-27.jpg2008The joint venture between Generali and the PPF Group is launched, with a presence in 13 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
2009.2015-09-25-12-44-34.jpg2009The merger of Toro and Alleanza is finalised in Italy.
2010.2015-09-25-12-44-42.jpg2010Cesare Geronzi is appointed chairman.


Time Range: 
1982 - 2010

Interactive Timeline 2011 - today

2011.2015-09-25-12-44-49.jpg2011Gabriele Galateri di Genola is appointed chairman.
Logo ridimensionato.2015-09-25-12-44-57.jpg2013Generali Italia is established.
CityLife ridimesionata.2015-09-25-12-45-05.jpg2014Generali acquires full control of CityLife.
 2014Generali enters the Malaysian P&C insurance market.
 2015Generali acquires full control of GPH. The company name is changed to Generali CEE Holding.


Time Range: 
2011 - today