“The Era of the Customer”: Q&A with Dipak Sahoo, Regional Head of IT (只提供英文版本)


  1. As Regional Head of IT, how are you helping to enhance the experience for Generali's customers?

    [Dipak Sahoo] Today, technology is a key enabler for positive customer experience. At Generali we are enhancing our systems to move away from being policy centric to customer centric, which means we have a complete view of our customer and their relationship with us, the products they own and all their interactions with Generali. This helps us to better engage with our customers around their life events. We are also enhancing our systems and introducing new technologies to make our operations more efficient, which helps to streamline our customer interaction and also reduces our response time.


  1. What is Generali doing to track customer satisfaction?

    [Dipak Sahoo] We use NPS (net promoter score) to track our customer satisfaction. This is a key KPI for us and drives many of our technology initiatives. We also have other methods like post event engagement with customers to find out if they are satisfied with their experience, whether it is a sale or a claim.


  1. What has been the major contributor for the change in customer expectations in the industry over the last five years?

    [Dipak Sahoo] Other industries, such as retail and banking, have set the benchmark when it comes to customer experience and so naturally, customers are expecting a similar experience from their insurer. This is especially relevant for the industries that have become distribution channels for insurance companies. Digital has also played a key role in changing customer expectations.


  1. How is Generali transforming its operations to meet the next generation of customers?

    [Dipak Sahoo] We are constantly optimising our operations, bringing in new technology to automate our processes. We have introduced RPA, BPM and AI tools which have had a positive impact on our customer experience.