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For Group Medical claim:

Please obtain a claim form from your HR Department, our hotline or our website.

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For Out-patient / Dental Claims

  • Complete the Out-patient Claim Form
  • Attach receipts with doctor’s signature and hospital/clinic chop to the Claim Form
    • Must be original receipt (with diagnosis, date of service, breakdown of expenses)
    • Make sure your (i.e. the patient’s) name is clearly shown on the receipt
    • Attach doctor’s referral letter if required
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For Hospitalization & Surgical Claims

  • Complete the Hospitalization & Surgical Claim Form
    • Part A – Complete and sign by patient
    • Part B – Complete by attending physician/surgeon (waived for Government Hospital Admission)
  • Attach itemized hospital statement, doctor slip, original deposit and final payment receipt to the claim form
  • Attach the Discharge Summary for Government Hospitalization
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Important Notes:

  • The above procedures should be applicable to overseas claims which must be translated in English or Chinese if it is in other languages.
  • The above is a general claim guidelines.  Further document / information may be required, if necessary.
  • For inquiries, please contact our hotline at (852) 3187 6831 or email at medicalcs@generali.com.hk.
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For Group Death claim:

Please obtain a claim form from your HR Department or contact us at (852) 3971 2618 and submit:

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    • Copy of the HKID or Passport of the Deceased
    • Attending Physician’s Statement certifying the cause of death
    • Letters of Administration showing the identity of the personal representative(s) of the Deceased
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    For the enquiry, please contact us at (852)3971 2618 or send us an email at grouplife_info@generali.com.hk.

    Outpatient Claim Form


    Personal Information Collection Statement

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