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Please notify us as soon as possible by phone first if the Insured passed away.

Written notice and written proof of claims must be submitted within a specific period of time (please refer to the policy provisions for the required period).

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Required documents include:

  • Death Claim Form - Part I (completed by the Claimant)
  • Death Claim Form - Part II (completed by the Deceased's last attending doctor)
  • Original Death Certificate
  • Original Policy Contract
  • Original Deceased's Identity Card and / or Passport (if not permanent HK ID card holder)
  • Original Claimant(s)' Identity Card and / or Passport (if not permanent HK ID card holder)
  • Relationship Proof
  • Proof of the Residential Address (and Permanent Address if different) of the Claimant within the last 3 months
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Please note:

  • May require additional documents
  • If more than one Claimant / Beneficiary, each need to complete a separate Claim Form - Part I
  • For Death Certificate or documents not written in English / Chinese, the Claimant needs to provide the certified valid translation
  • If for any reason the original of any document is not available, a copy certified by a notary public should be provided
  • Claimant needs to bear the fee of completing claim form part II
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