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Please notify us as soon as possible by phone first if the Insured being diagnosed with Major Illness, Early Stage or Minor Illness.

Written notice and written proof of claims must be submitted within a specific period of time (please refer to the policy provisions for the required period).

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Required documents include:

  • Critical Illness Claim Form - Part I (completed by the Policyholder)
  • Critical Illness Claim Form - Part II (completed by the attending doctor of the Insured)
  • Proof of Identity of the Insured and Policyholder (if not provided before)
  • Medical and / or Laboratory Test Report
  • Pathological Report
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Please note:

  • May require additional documents
  • For any documents not written in English / Chinese, the Policyholder needs to provide the certified valid translation
  • Different types of claim form part II are designed with some tailor-made for certain Illnesses.  Please call us to get the appropriate one
  • Claimant needs to bear the fee of completing claim form part II

Critical Illness Claim Form -
Part I

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