Prestigio Medical Insurance

Prestigio Medical Insurance

Just as the shell shields the pearl from the many risks of its habitat, Prestigio Health Plan protects you no matter what challenges life may bring. It is designed to guard what you value most - your loved ones, your health, your wealth and your success.

Covers hospital benefit, maternity, outpatient and dental visits
Priority Cashless arrangement service for hospitalization
3 level of annual deductible options
  • A wide range of extended benefits and services to enhance your worldwide protection
  • Direct billing can be arranged upon admission to network providers
  • Global medical networks
  • Options for deductibles and coverage area, and options to include additional benefits to suit your lifestyle
  • Lifetime guaranteed renewal
  • Preventive wellness cover to nurture your healthy lifestyle
  • Coverage for your family
  • Extensive in-patient and out-patient benefits up to HK$25,000,000 per year and HK$75,000,000 per lifetime per person

The product is offered by Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. – Hong Kong Branch

The above information is for reference only. For full details of terms and conditions of the product, please refer to the product information and contract. If you have any enquiry, please call us at (852) 3187 6880 or email us:


# Collection of Premium Levy to Insurance Authority from 2018, please click here for details.