General insurance provides what’s precious to you. We understand you may have many valuable assets such as property, car or office premises. It is important that you ensure these are well protected against unforeseen circumstances.


There are three main categories: insurance against damage to property, which specifically covers the destruction, loss and deterioration of assets; insurance against personal injury, which covers the impairment or total loss of the capacity to generate income; insurance against public liability for damage to third parties or to their property.

GenHealth Medical Insurance

GenHealth is a comprehensive individual medical coverage that is extendable to the whole family. With coverage renewal guaranteed up to 100 years of age, GenHealth provides a welcome financial cushion in emergencies while ensuring access to the care you need, all the time, all around the world.

Prestigio Medical Insurance

For affluent individuals and families who require the absolute best in all things, we offer Prestigio. Highly flexible with guaranteed lifetime renewal, Prestigio not only covers accident and illness, but gives you superior outpatient, dental, and maternity benefits that suit your prestigious, healthy lifestyle.